Medium Découpage Tray - Tisa Collaboration - "Lilies"


The Golden Cleat has teamed up with Thousand Islands based artist Christine Tisa to bring you a series of glass découpage trays featuring Tisa's celebrated artwork. This medium (8x12") tray features a painting simply entitled "Lilies," depicting the vivid pink flowers in full bloom. Tisa Trays are available exclusively on our website or directly from the artist's studio in Clayton, NY. 

Each tray is handcrafted in our studio. While glass découpage trays are traditionally made using paper, we fabricate ours using our custom printed cotton sateen fabric which combines a subtle woven texture with exceptional image clarity and vibrant colors. The bent glass top is food safe and the back is felted. (Wipe glass clean with damp cloth, do not submerge tray). 

Both functional and decorative, our trays are perfect for placing keys, sunglasses, jewelry, and other small objects. Place on a coffee table, vanity, or bedside table, display on an easel, or hang on a wall. 

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