The Golden Cleat

Friendship Islands Chart Pendant

Metal Type: Sterling Silver

This nickel-sized chart pendant features an engraved outline of the Friendship Islands in the heart of the Thousand Islands. The Friendship Islands are a small group of islands on the St. Lawrence River known for close knit friendships and family ties that often span generations. Nestled between the foot of Grindstone and T. I. Park on the head of Wellesley Island, the Friendship Island group most notably includes Murray, Grenell, Maple, Bluff, and Picton Islands, as well as several smaller islands that dot the waterway. 

  • sterling silver or solid 14K gold with a satin finish
  • pendant only, click here to shop our chain collection
  • pendant is nickel-sized (3/4" in diameter)
  • location and geographical coordinates engraved on the back
  • handmade in the USA

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