Emilie Shapiro

Kintsugi Bracelet


This Emilie Shapiro collection is inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of kintsugi, where something, traditionally pottery is repaired with gold. Each sterling silver piece is sawed in half and soldered back together with 14k gold to highlight the break as a new part of the whole, and make it stronger than it was originally. A sterling silver and 14k yellow gold disc dangles from a simple, gold filled cable chain. Each piece is packed with a card describing the process and inspiration behind this collection.

Emilie created the first version of this piece over ten years ago when her cousin was going through a terrible breakup, hoping this would be a reminder that she would get through this and be stronger and wiser than before. Recently she was thinking about a friend who was fiercely battling breast cancer and wanted to create her something, and then it hit her. Everyday we fight battles, big and small, and it makes us who we are.

Emilie Shapiro created this collection as a reminder that the scars are what make us beautiful. We carry those pieces with us, and it makes us who we are.

  • solid sterling silver and 14K gold
  • size is approximately 3/8"
  • chain length is 7.5"
  • handmade in NYC

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