Misa Jewelry

Men's Coastline Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

You never know where a coastline ends or begins, but you certainly know it lasts forever. Unique, hand-carved edges are balanced with a smooth, high polish exterior and interior. 3mm flat band. Ring is handcrafted with solid 14k yellow gold. Size 11

Rings can be ordered in any size and in either 14k yellow, rose, or white gold. Please email us for special requests and turnaround times (usually about two weeks). 

Misa Hamamoto, the creator and designer of Los Angeles-based Misa Jewelry, draws inspiration for her handcrafted jewelry from her island upbringing in Hawaii and Micronesia. She incorporates her affinity with nature into her designs through sculpted organic forms and precious and semiprecious gemstones from her world travels. Through the ancient art of lost-wax casting, she skillfully carves her designs from wax, which then undergo a casting process that solidifies molten metal.
Misa’s unique line of jewelry is entirely handmade in her LA studio and consequently avoids the mass-manufactured look with her distinctive style. Her love and thought put into each design and years of jewelry-making experience clearly shine through to all of her collectors. Every piece of Misa Jewelry is a balanced union of nature's beauty and the spirit of the modern city. 

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