The Golden Cleat

Red, Right, Return Channel Marker Gemstone Choker

Metal Type: Sterling Silver

Stay on course with our Red, Right, Return gemstone choker. This unique piece serves as a tangible reminder that we have the tools and knowledge to captain our own ship and navigate the unfamiliar. The rubies and emeralds represent buoys that mark a waterway's safe passage. 

In the sterling silver version of the necklace the beaded "river" is represented by lapis lazuli gemstones and in the 14k gold version by genuine blue sapphire gemstones. 

"Red, right, return" is a mnemonic phrase used by boaters to remember that when returning from sea or traveling upriver they must keep the red channel markers to their starboard (right hand) side to ensure a safe passage home.

  • sterling silver (14K gold available upon request)
  • length is 16-18” (can be made to order in custom length)
  • handmade in the USA

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