Noted Candles

Sandalwood Musk Reed Diffuser

$32 $45

Subtle hints of cedar, sandalwood (santal), smoke, and cardamom. Slightly sweet and undeniably seductive. 

Noted Candles' diffusers are a low-to-no VOC carrier oil combined with their fragrances which are drawn up through the responsibly harvested rattan reeds and diffused into the air. Their fragrances are a blend of essential and other perfume grade fragrances in skin safe base oil. Over time the diffuser base liquid will all evaporate and the remaining oil will look very thick and viscous, the bottle will never be completely empty. You will know the diffuser is done when you no longer smell the fragrance from a distance and the remaining liquid in the bottle is very thick and discolored, there will be up to an inch of liquid remaining.

Tips from the maker: To start a new diffuser, insert as many reeds as desired into the liquid and flip them after 24 hours. For a small space you may not want to use all the reeds provided, or use them all for maximum fragrance throw. To maintain consistent scent flow, we like to flip our reeds every week or so from there on out.

  • 8 oz
  • lasts approximately 4-5 months
  • handcrafted in South Boston, MA

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