Sea Bags

Small Paw Wristlet


By Sea Bags of Portland, Maine, this stylish and functional wristlet is especially for all the fur lovers out there. "Dogs have a long history as ship mascots, providing services such as leading shore patrols and eliminating rodents. But, by far, their most important job was to boost morale. We can think of no better shipmate than the four-legged kind! Show your love of dogs and animals with this cute wristlet." 

Sea Bags are born as sails and transformed into nautically inspired totes and accessories. They are constructed from recycled sails that have soaked up years of sun, salt, smiles and adventure. The materials retain the essence of what they once were, where they've been and what they've done. It's this previous life that makes each bag unique.

This small wristlet features a black paw appliqué on a white background. 

  • wristlet is made from recycled sail cloth
  • handmade in Portland, Maine

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